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Machine learning and virtual reality – a technological breakthrough

November 01, 2018

Technology has gone a long way. Today, you can see its influence all around you. Two of the significant improvements in technology are virtual reality and machine learning. These two, when combined, can greatly improve the sophistication of tech products and tools. Virtual reality is not a new thing. In fact, it has been around since the 1950s but its uses and applications are evident today. The combination of virtual reality and machine learning has taken technology to a new height.

Latest technological advancements along with in-depth research and study about virtual reality can be a tremendous game changer in the coming years. In fact, its uses are evident now not only in the gaming industry but in other spectrums such as entertainment, business, medicine, and engineering, to name a few.

The connection between machine learning and virtual reality is evident if you take into account the growing importance of artificial intelligence. A perfect example is the Oculus Rift VR; a headset that displays images that don’t require any form of artificial intelligence. It solely depends on the virtual reality technology, which in turn relies on artificial intelligence algorithms to emulate reality. It is the machine learning that transforms virtual reality.

Dov Katz is one of the people who are passionate about machine learning, virtual reality, and robotics as a whole. He played a huge role in the development of Oculus Rift VR. He was the one in charge of the original position tracking system. He worked as a senior engineer for computer vision and eventually became the head for computer vision until such time that Oculus was acquired by Facebook. Today, Dov Katz continues to improve his knowledge and understanding of modern technology. He was also involved in various research and patents.